Starting Up

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Starting Up

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Thinking of starting your own children’s activity business? Have you recently started but need a helping hand?

Starting a business as a children’s activity provider is rewarding but challenging. I’ve created this guide just for you. “Starting Up” is a perfect guide for your first 100 days of business.

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Starting Up is a perfect guide for the critical first 100 days of business. Hit the ground running and skip the common mistakes made with templates, planning sheets, task outlines and more.

The first 100 days is split into five 20-day phases. Each phase focuses on about 10 key tasks, with 50 tasks in total. These 50 key tasks are detailed in my comprehensive checklist for your first 100 days. I guide you in kickstarting your: marketing, branding, sales, technology and automation, business administration, creating a team, bookkeeping, legal templates, outsourcing and more.

This is not a motivation book. There is a misconception that you need to get motivated first to get started. But it is actually the other way around. Action results in motivation.

  1. Momentum results in motivation

  2. Massive action results in momentum

This ebook guides you to achieving massive action in your first 100 days. Kickstart your business into the right momentum.