Personal Branding

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Personal Branding

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Just glow. Let your personal branding shine. Grow your profile and influence.

Be the voice and face of authority for media, industry, government, and customers. Nurture your personal brand and let business to come to you.

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The ebook covers in detail the steps and templates I used to grow my profile, influence and personal branding.

  • Win business awards

  • Be invited by journalists for your opinion in their news articles: print, digital, and radio

  • Be a thought leader in your industry

  • Be a sought-after advisor for government agencies

  • Win government grants and funding

  • Get invited to present at conferences and other speaking events

  • Get offered paid contracts

  • Get invitations to fulfilling industry partnerships

  • Let business come to you

  • Own the SEO of your own name

The last point is the most interesting. When people do a Google search of your name, what do they see? Do a Google search of my name. What do you see? I have controlled, to the best of my ability against Google algorithms, what you are able to see when you search for my name. This is important when others start to hear about you and search about you.

My awards and media involvement are listed here.