What if you fail?

I told my colleagues I’m quitting work. I’m going to start my own business. They were aghast.

“What if you fail?”

What if?

  • I stay at work

  • I feel unfulfilled

  • I do not create positive impact

  • I do not grow to my full potential

  • I work in an environment that is misaligned with my values

  • I get made redundant

  • I feel stale and uninspired everyday for the next 40+ years of my professional life

What if?

  • I fail

  • I grow as a person

  • I learn new skills

  • I grow my network

  • I see the world differently

  • I discover new opportunities

What if I give it a good hot go? What if I learn and grow? What if it does not work out and I simply have to find another job?

What if I am methodical, lean, fail fast, learn fast, and create something?

What if I reach for the stars and land on the moon?

What if?


Before you start your own business, have a look at these workbooks and spreadsheets to help you make sense of what it means to start and run your own business.

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